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Rental @ Panorama Fort Beach


Can anyone please advise on their rental income for their apartment at Panorama. We have let our apartment through Credo (on site rental management) for the last two years and even though they offer a good service the income rent per annum is poor. 

Fortnoks have offered us a rental package, but I am torn between which option to pursue.

We are also on "Holiday Lettings" website in the UK and the response was positive for year 06 and 07, but this year its a failure. We have also reduced the weekly rental income to try to be more competative and attractive.

Our apartment is sea view, 1 bed and quite contemporay, so its not the position or size thats the issue.

I am out in July 08 to obtain footage to update the webpage and discuss with Credo and Fortnoks.

Considering MRI advised us of guarenteed rental potential, this is not the case and we are only just recovering our maintenance cost and insurances, etc.

Can anyone advise on their rental position and which avenue you have pursued and how have you found the current market situation????

Please help.

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