Living in a Dark House? Here are Tips That will Make it Brighter

Living in a Dark House? Here are Tips That will Make it Brighter

Wondering how to make your dark house brighter? There’s no need to overhaul the entire home; a few tricks can pull a surprise. Natural light is indisputably essential in a home. It brings along a vibrant mood, something synonymous to healthy living. Whether you stay in a large home or a small house here are tips that will guide you on how to bring more light to your home.

Transform the Windows

Your home could be so dim that you are always forced to keep the lights on. That shouldn’t be the case; you can have windows installed on the direction of light source. Curtains can compromise the quality of light in a home when wrongly accessorized. In this case, you may have to replace dark and thick curtains with brighter ones made of light fabric. By the end of it all, you would have cut off your electricity bills spent on lighting.

Paint it Light and Bright

The value of a color is in its appeal to the eye. While white is a fantastic idea, most neutral colors enhance light in a dark house. Whereas white reflects most of the light that hits on its surface, the neutral counterparts create a warm and lively view of the room. Indeed, painting a color that is lighter yet brighter is what you need to improve your dark home.

Replace the Wooden Doors

Doors give an opportunity to let in light into a room. However, too much wood may overcrowd the door thus limiting the amount of natural light getting in. Replace wood with glass to keep light streaming through to the house. To moderate the amount of light, use frosted window films. They at the same time enhance privacy.

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Brighten the View Outside

Don’t concentrate so much on the interior of your home and forget about the surrounding. Overgrown shrubs or trees can block natural light from getting into the house.
Cut the bushes or trim the tree limbs. Besides, plant those trees with variegated or silver leaves so that they may reflect light. Additionally, renovate and pave your outdoor space with something brighter.

Bottom Line

Be it a big or small house, lack of sufficient light can be a huge source of discomfort in a home. To enjoy living in a house consider some of the above suggestions to improve lighting and make it brighter.


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