How to get Your Home Ready to Sell

How to get Your Home Ready to Sell

Selling a home can be a real challenge. Depending on your reasons to sell the house, you will need to ensure that all the activities pertaining preparation and staging the home should result in deal closure. Schedule your time and plan well for the home showing visit by potential buyers. Here are some of the essential tips that will guide your home preparation for sale:

Organize the House

It is wise to keep away clutter and the things you don’t use on a day to day basis; this could include toys and other furniture. Organize them in cabinets, and if you don’t have enough storage, you can hire a storage unit where you can keep them until needed. Remove personal items to reduce distractions while selling a home; this will enable potential buyers to see how they can personalize the spaces.
The first impression makes a significant impact on the potential buyer. If the walls are not clean, you might consider applying a new coat of paint and doing minor repairs where necessary. Try not to spend a lot of resources on doing the repairs as this is money you might not get back.

Sell at the Right Time

Spring is the best time to do the listing of your property. Some of the reasons for this is because the weather is good, lawns look perfect and give a good feeling about the home. This being the time that most listings are done, your pricing has to be well thought through. Also, ensure to carry out a research on the market price to fix a competitive price on your property.

Home Staging

Cleaning and decluttering alone are not sufficient preparation for selling a home. If possible hire a professional stager; they will help you make the necessary changes that will capture the interest of the buyers. Stagers create a warm feeling to the home and help withdraw attention from areas with flaws.

Clean the Exterior

Once you are through with cleaning and organizing the interior, it is time to revert to the external parts of the house. It is a worthwhile practice also to make the outside appealing. Polish the floors and clean the doors and windows. Also, weed the flowers and trim the garden plants. I suppose that the driveway and walkways too need to shine. Remember that a dirty front won’t be inviting to potential home buyers.

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Find the Right Agent

This is not the time to call on a favor from a part-time agent friend or to choose to work with the agent who will charge the least amount of commission. A competent listing agent is your best partner at this time. Be cautious of very low charges as they can be a red flag in real estate business. Research a couple of agents before settling on one. Look for an agent that has a good client profile. One should also be able to give you good advice regarding what to change to make the home attractive. A good listing agent should also help you with the pricing of the house that is ideal; not too high or low for the area you live in.



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