About Churmo

Churmo is an Artifical Intelligence based platform to connect the Licensed Real Estate Agents and other Real Estate related professionals with potential Buyers and Sellers. The Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence not only helps to suggest the right Licensed Real Estate Agents to the Clients but also helps to analyze the performance Indexes of the Licensed Real Estate Agents based on factors captured in the platform and not by the traditional method of feedback from Clients.

Churmo has been created after analyzing the need of the Buyers and Sellers of home. Most of the time when Buyers or Sellers are in the market, they find it difficult to find a reliable Licensed Real Estate Agent. Many of them go through the websites that list these Licensed Real Estate Agents for a fee. There are many Licensed Real Estate Agents who are amazing in their work and ready to provide their services to the potential Buyers and Sellers of home but they don't advertise on these Web sites.

A solution is born as Churmo

All Licensed Real Estate Agents can list on the Churmo Website for absolutely free. There is no fees for registering for Licensed Real Estate Agents. On top of this, the Licensed Real Estate Agents get 1000 points on registering which can be used by them to advertise their services, submit a sponsored post to appear on the top, submit more bids that provided free by the platform etc. This platform can be used by Licensed Real Estate Agents for a free lead generation.

Currently, there is no way for Licensed Real Estate Agents to know about the people who are in the market for selling or buying the house till they make a cold call or their phone rings. Using Churmo, they will get the list of people who are interested in buying or selling the housed in their business area.

They can submit their offer detailing the services they provide and also why they should be considered for the Licensed Real Estate Agents services. This is not a bidding platform but Licensed Real Estate Agents are most welcome to offer the price (fixed price or percentage) of the Sales price. Once selected, they will have the binding contract between Seller/ Buyer and Licensed Real Estate Agent for the duration specified and they can start providing their services.

How does it benefit the Sellers/ Buyers (Clients)?

This platform has been created to help the Buyers and Sellers to find the perfect Licensed Real Estate Agent for them. The platform not only suggests Clients the great Licensed Real Estate Agents but also helps Clients select and invite them to help Clients with the home buying/ selling process. At the same time, there is an inbuilt task list that all Licensed Real Estate Agents have to comply and update for Clients to be updated on where do Clients stand in the process. Sellers/Buyers can provide interim feedback on the Licensed Real Estate Agent. As mentioned above, this is not a reverse auction platform for Licensed Real Estate Agent, but Clients may find Licensed Real Estate Agents who may like to provide Clients quality services at a lower cost because of their availability and the amount of effort is the process.